Record winnings of 24 million euros distributed to the Plouescat casino in 2017

We draw your attention to the latest news from Partouche casinos. Especially the Plouescat casino. The latter indeed made a fallout of benefits all the same substantial. Last year, Plouescat recorded more than 24 million euros distributed to loyal customers of the Partouche casino. Thanks to the 96ace slot machines, the gambling house has recorded € 24,462,067 net. Also, brace yourself, because 2,878 jackpots of € 1,500 and more have been recorded. Moreover, the director of the Plouescat casino gives you as an example the amount of € 35,319 won on January 27, 2017. And that’s not all, € 28,210 were won on June 10 and September 10, the sum of € 22,212 was obtained.

Jackpots are blooming at Plouescat at the start of the year

Also, the start of 2018 was a great success for this gaming establishment. 270 jackpots were hit in January and February. Two jackpots were observed during the month of January. Namely on January 3, 14,563 € were rounded up. And on the 30th of the month, € 2,000. At the celebration of the candlelight festival on February 2, the seven winners of the penny machines were treated to candles just for them. Winnings from 1-cent slots like € 12,173, € 2,999, € 2,825, € 2,405 were brilliantly drawn from these. Poker had its moment of glory, as € 2,775, € 2,160 and € 1,200 were awarded to players during a multi-demo session.

Partouche Plouescat casino: the up-to-date casino

The Partouche Plouescat casino welcomed 4 new slot machines on Monday, January 22. In all, Plouescat now has 90 slots! In addition, 8 electronic roulettes, three English roulette tables, blackjack, ultimate poker and the Tornado Machine are added to the range of games at this casino.

Plouescat is generous, because 47 employees work in this gambling house. After the prices in Las Vegas in September 2017 and that of Brazil in February, this casino intends to give players ten stays in Crete between March 12 and 30. Reserve places at the Kernic Bistrot, because he has concocted dinner dances there, on March 12 and April 27. Since the casino targets the younger clientele, free concerts are offered every Saturday evening in the games room. The Plouescat team is visionary and is constantly looking for novelty. This palace of games has actually spent 1,500,000 € for the renovations and maintenance of its premises.

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